BH L550 - High Low Pulley

The TR line was designed with commercial facilities in mind with features like converging & diverging axes, front & rear shrouds, & 4mm thick steel frames. Counter-balanced arms and cams are used to deliver the biomechanically correct resistance curve for a given exercise. Color-coded weight stacks, start-assist levers, and yellow quick release adjustment levers highlight the line’s ease of use.


Type: Upper Body
Single Function
Dual Function
Multi Function
Frame Thickness (mm): 4
Cable Diameter (mm): 5
Contoured Cushions
Yellow Highlighted Adjustments
Front Shroud
Rear Shroud
Exercise Instruction Placard
Magnetic Weight Stack Pins
Steel Plates
Cast Iron Plates
Non-Slip Handles
Molded Rubber Feet
Standard Weight Stack (lb): 275

BH L550 - High Low Pulley

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